Uverse Blog

Uverse Blog is a non-standard blogging engine which thanks to its unique approach is able to provide blazingly fast service with outstanding extensibility. Combine that with flexible, human-friendly markup of UverseWiki, spice up with 100%-complete template abstraction and you'll get a product that's at least worth your interest.

Documentation and user side of the engine are under progress – so please bear with us for now as we're a very small team of one developer and one friend :)

Developers and advanced users can still make use of the very practical side of the project by using it on their own site because it's already possible (check the author's blog). You can also see the development roadmap at our bugtracker or participate in our discussion on our wiki-enabled forum.

Where to go next?


If you don't want to read all this tech stuff this documentation is mostly about then proceed straight to the download section. Default distribution includes an installaor for extremely quick configuration which lets you start blogging even without setting up a database.

However, note that basic distribution is pretty Spartan in its features so after making yourself familiar with it make sure to check the Plugins section as it contains a number of zero-click installation [?] modules which will make your site not only look but also feel unique to your visitors.


First of all read about most essential features that make up the engine's core. You can also find a Roadmap so you can proceed to areas that are interesting for you.


Latest SVN snapshot is available here. See also Plugins section for more downloads.

Currently Configuration reference, Class reference (incomplete), Event reference and plugin development tips (incomplete) are available.


Uverse Blog can run on any server with PHP 5 support. It's also strongly recommended that it has mod_rewrite for Apache (which is installed on most servers along with PHP 5). Other than that there are no requirments.

However, if you have access to a database system such as MySQL or PostgreSQL you can enhance standard filestorage of the engine by installing one of indexing plugins. And if you server has XCache or other PHP accelerator running you can get even higher speeds with appropriate plugin.


Project's repository is merged with the main UverseWiki project. Its locations are:

  1. Web interface – at Web-SVN.i-Forge.net
  2. Subversion gatehttp://svn.i-forge.net/UverseWiki3/trunk/Extras/Templates/Blog

Plugins' directory is located in Extras/Blog plugins.


Feel free to stop by our forum which is one of few (if any?) boards using real wiki syntax instead of traditional BB-codes.
It's URL is fairly simple to remember – Forum.i-Forge.net.