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Our current team is very small (probably near the smallest possible) and we have no opportunity to create sufficient documentation ourselves. For this we would highly appreciate any help on writing documentation in any language (English or Russian are most welcome). The following areas are yet to be covered:

  • UverseWiki API – from cover to cover, from most important classes UWikiDocument) to most inner ones;
  • extension programming – the concept of chaining markups together, available API, etc.;
  • existing text processor settings – there exist many of them but all are listed in $$UWikiSettings%% class;
  • UverseBlog documentation – has some pages already written but is still far from being complete;
  • Swacked user guide and general integration guide for Inlinedit (shouldn’t be too hard).

If you feel like helping us in this or other way drop a line on our forum or write to us. Otherwise please check other ways of helping the project