UverseWiki – unified formatting for all electronic texts


for PHP  R515 (beta)
Sun-powered lives.

Imagine a better Internet
where all texts are formatted
the same way.

Incredible? We think not.


Advanced addressing allows omission of captions both for local and external links:

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Easy to integrate.

Integrating the text processor into your project is very easy:

require 'uversewiki.php';
$doc UWikiDocument::TryParsing('**Hello!**''wacko');
if (
$doc) { echo $doc->ToHTML(); }


Insertion of blocks in a different language is supported natively. Each language has its own national standards which are effective in that piece of text only.

Nihongo (@@jp 日本語@@)
means "Japanese".

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Further reading

UverseWiki – a universal text markup – a general yet in-depth look at the roots of our project’s idea.

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