UverseWiki – unified formatting for all electronic texts


for PHP  R (beta) log
Sun-powered lives.

Imagine a better Internet
where all texts are formatted
the same way.

Incredible? We think not.


Call any markup extension in a uniform way:

Edit and see the result!

Inline PHPecho 'PHP'

$s 'Block PHP code'
echo "$s over multiple lines.";


Try moving your mouse over any word in this area and you’ll see the document tree that is created from each source text.

Try with some nesting: «Link with bold italic term».


We do not rely on a specific implementation – first of all, we present a formal specification (currently underway) explaining in detail document tree structure and the markup itself.

Interested? Learn more or give it a try:

Format your wiki text


Upload document:

Further reading

UverseWiki – a universal text markup – a general yet in-depth look at the roots of our project’s idea.
Differences between WackoWiki and Swack.
UverseWiki vs. traditional text formatters – a brief review of the core difference. Is mostly meant for programmers.

We need your help!

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