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Developing means helping UverseWiki in a major way. There are several options:

  • implementing the markup on a different platform/language. Currently ObjectWacko is implemented in PHP 5 only.
  • integrating the markup into your own web-project – this is the simplest thing to do requiring you to line 3 lines of code for basic functionality;
  • creating Extensions using PHP. This is a simple and fast way. Many extensions like AnchorizeAssocLists are below than 50 lines of code and others like RGBox are below 100 lines of code half of which is taken by JavaScript.
  • helping us work on different parts of the system or extensions – for example, Swacked (a JavaScript-AJAX wiki editor).
  • most hard and heroic – core develing. This requires one to dive in into the system but as its inner parts are 90% complete and stable it’s not that bad after all :)

If you didn’t find anytning appropriate for you make sure to check other contribution options or ask questions/make a suggestion on our forum.