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Basic formatting

Full reference: Basic
Basic formatting is created by wrapping a fragment of one line between a pair of two identical symbols.

There are 6 tags for basic formatting:

  • bold text;
  • italic text;
  • strikethru text;
  • underlined text;
  • small text;
  • superscript text.

Additionally, there are 2 slightly more advanced tags:

  • code fragment;
  • highlighted text.

These 2 tags are more complex because in addition to simple form (as shown above) they can accept a custom style name – specified in parenthesis after the opening tag.
Also, the %%code%% tag turns off any normal formatting for its contents because it actually calls an extension.

Examples for %%:

  1. This is PHPecho 'a PHP snippet'; right inside some normal text.
  2. If you have DOM Hints turned off then this fragment will be hinted – but the rest won’t.
  3. Still, with no style name %% simply turns off any formatting – this **is how**.

And some examples for !!:

  1. These all are different styles;
  2. Spaces between parenthesis and the text are optional);
  3. A simple highlighted sentense – no style name given.