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Full reference: Headings
There are 6 heading levels. Depending on processor settings the first level may only be used to define document title and thus there are only 5 levels left for the writer.

To create a heading put 2-7 equality signs (==) at its beginning (no whitespace before them) and put the same number or less in its end. Headings can contain any normal markup.

== __1st__ level ==
=== 2nd level ===
==== 3rd //level// ====
===== 4th level =====
====== 5th level... ======
======= 6th level =======

Or, as mentioned above, right-side «==» can be shortened:

6th level
The same

It’s possible to assign a specific Links/Anchor overriding default algorithm for its generation using the same Links syntax:

The text

The text

The first heading gets «the_text» anchor – see it here, the second – «anchor_name».

Different modes

There are several heading modes, most interesting are:

  • default – as explained above;
  • extended – when document title (1st level heading) has been defined this removes one «=» necessary to create a heading of given level. This is the mode used in current help pages – you can check their source code (on the left) to see the difference.