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See also RunDoc.

Embeds a document; included document is formatted using chained markup.

The following rules apply:

  • headings are shifted to match main document’s structure (see also tree parameter). This means that if you’re including a page after a 3rd level heading all headings in that page will be shifted by 3.
  • links that point to embedded document are corrected in the main doc to become anchored links and point to that section inside the current page instead.
  • :Include may be called as block and inline but the latter will output the first non-block element from that page and ignore the rest, if any.
  • included documents might cause autogenerated anchor names to shift – for example, on this page main doc’s anchors begin with «6» meaning they’re in the 6th section – this is because there have been 5 Include calls.

Include can be invoked in both ../Action and ../Formatter forms:

  • Sample document
  • PHPecho 'PHP code'; – most useful when inserting examples using isolate parameter.


The address of document to include: Sample document ; is passed as the first argument;
A number, a negative number, top (= -1) or topmost (= -999); controls how headings in the document are shifted; if it’s a negative number they’re shifted according to heading preceding Include call minus given amount. The value of «top» (or -1) inserts document at the same level as Include so headers will be corrected by 1 less than they normally would.
Name of format to include; this is not the same as chaining Include with that format – chained markup is only used to highlight embedded contents but to access it passed page and format are used: == **Sample document** ((Sample &→)) == This is a sample document located in %%/Pages/
Included document can be isolated* that means no heading shift occurs, no links are corrected, anchors no more share the common name pool so collisions might occur, headings no more reflect in main document’s TOC, etc.
  • Note: this mode is mostly used for examples because document environment is completely detached and even changing processing Settings no more affect main document. However, avoid using it in regular situations since page processing might behave differently than you normally expect.

An isolated document.

Normally anchor collisions are fixed by appending a sequence number but not in this case.