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.(see) See also Extension list.

As outlined on the main page actions are content-generators rather than content-formatters. TO insert an action wrap its name in curly braces ({{ and }}). You can list additional parameters there and also chain multiple Actions/Formatters together with a semicolon.

Some extensons behave as formatters – for example, Image accepts title to add to the picture. It can be done by passing it as a parameter but if you’re going to use complex markup like code listings or quotes Formatter form is more convenient – see the next two images.

ObjectWacko – an advanced wiki markup.

UverseWiki features:

  • PHP 5 OOP;
  • Unicode-compliant;
  • easy to integrate.
  • and more »

You can also chain actions and formatters – the above examples used wiki markup for showing title but we can use any other, like Pascal:
  WriteLn('Hello, world.');

Of course, actions can be used inline just like Formatters – like this They also can be used inside other markup – even links: