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See also Extension list.

Extensions are one of those peculiarities that make UverseWiki’s markup evolving. Technically all extensions use the same API and thus there is no clear difference between them; for our convenience, however, we can define several extension types:

Sometimes basic forms of them are also called «highlighters». These are extensions outputting something in some different look than it would have been without them. A good example is a PHP formatter that outputs plain text in a neat way: PHPecho "This is a line of PHP code";
Unlike formatters actions generate some data rather than process yours content. A typical action is TOC. Actions are called by a pair of opening and closing curly brackets, like this: Extensions.
There are extensions that you can’t call using the markup – instead, such actions extend it or hook document handlers and change the way text processor works. For example, Strip Copyright extension hides all lines at the page’s beginning that start and end with two asterisks; RGBox extension highlights RGB colors (#CFA093); etc.

Note that these categories are very formal – many extensions act both as formatters and actions (e.g. Image that formats image description if it’s given) or actions and «other» extensions (e.g. Charset that uses a document hook).

Both formatters and actions can be passed any number of arguments and also be chained together (similar to piping used in command-line shells).

For more explanations and a common extension list please refer to Formatter and Action sections.