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Custom styles

Full references: Styles
There are 3 ways of adding custom styles (typically applied using CSS) to your content:

  • stylizing a particular part of a line – marker (!!) is used. Example: text with «important» style.
  • stylizing an entire block containing other block markup (like paragraphs or code listings) – /Container (##) is used:

Those who do not strive
get what they are good for.

  • stylizing a particular paragraph – prefix it with «.(StyleName)», optionally on a separate line. This is demonstrated below.

Paragraph styles

This is some notice text. It can be multiline but
it may only contain a single paragraph…

…because line break starts the next paragraph which has the default style.

Another paragraph, style name
on the same line (makes no difference).
Line breaks like this one
be used, as well as other normal markup.

New style breaks paragraph in two.

This is a second paragraph with different style.

Multiple styles

You can easily assign multiple styles to any stylizable element (!!, ## or paragraph) – separate them with a space:

Two styles.

The same styles but

…by themselves.