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Interwiki are convenient way to link to associated resources by a short name that is followed by a colon (:) and the rest of address. Interwikis must be defined in settings before they are recognized. Interwiki names are case-insensitive.

Interwikis are used in place of normal link’s URL. If there’s nothing following the colon then the link points to that resource’s main page. Note that unlike traditional approach interwiki don’t have to be remote – they can point to local pages too.

For example, current help documents use interwiki «WP» to link to Wikipedia – as you can see there is nothing following «WP:» but a space which separates link address from caption. Thi is how we link to some specific article: the «blue» planet or Google for «Our planet».

If we omit the link caption the query is used for it: Earth or planet. If we omit both caption and the query (but don’t omit the colon) only the interwiki name is left: WP, Google, our forum and so on.

Links pointing to unregistered interwikis are highlighted.

See also word ending changing.


Numberlinks are the same as interwiki but have numeric queries. What makes them convenient to use is that you can have one interwiki and one numberlink sharing the same name while different URLs will be chosen if the query is numeric or not.

Additionally, default caption for a numberlink is its number prefixed with «№» symbol (customizable).

For example, if your resource has a bugtracker that uses URL /bugs/viewbug.php?id=XXX to show bugs and /bugs/viewwiki.php?page=XXX to show a wiki page from the built-in wiki engine you can defined interwiki «bugs» and numberlink «bugs» and address them like this: