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Other markup

Horizontal rules

Full reference: Rules
They are created by placing 3 or more identical symbols (one of – = * ~) on a separate line, leading and trailing spaces ignored:

Their look might differ depending on the template used.


Full reference: Comments
Comments are hidden from the viewed unless draft mode is activated (by default). They are useful for storing author-specific data such as copyright information.

To create a comment wrap text in a pair of double question marks. To create a block comment put those marks on the separate lines.

Inline comment is defined like this.

This is a block comment. It can contain Links
or any other markup including headings or quotes.

A blockquote.


Full reference: Entities
Entities are ways to input symbols rather than entering them directly. An entity is created by prefixing a name (case-sensitive) or a character code (decimal) with double ampersand (&) and suffixing it with a semicolon.

Some sample symbols: ® ÷ Æ ⊇ ζ
By chararcter code: 愛 √ ◆

The default entity list contains all symbols from ISO 8859-1 and HTML symbols.