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Containers are way to stylize your contain. Unlike two others (!!-marker and paragraph styles) which allow you adding styles to a part of a line and a particular paragraph respectively containers let you wrap an arbitrary block containing any markup – including Quotes, Headings, extension calls and everything else.

Containers is created by putting dual hash symbols (##) before and after the content to stylize – just like calling formatters. As with them, you can supply one or more style names (space-separated) in parenthesis after the opening ##. If you don’t the default style name (customizable) is used.

A block with default style.
Some notice.txt attachment.

This is an «attention» block.

  1. Some inline quote with a Link.

The first heading (if any) will convert container into a fieldset when rendering into HTML and that heading will be used as its legend.

Here is the legend

More text follows.

Another heading

Not a legend, is it?

You can specify multiple styles by separating them with a space:

Some wiki markup goes here

As stylizing mechanics is the same for any markup (Markers, Paragraphs, Containers) for more details refer to ParagraphsCustom styles page.

Note: containers are not extension callers so you cannot chain them like ##(style; xml).