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Swacked is short for «SWACK EDitor» – a JavaScript text editor designed specially for convenient composition of ObjectWacko texts. «Swack» stands for first release of ObjectWacko which, in turn, is a wiki markup module for UverseWiki.

Swacked itself is separated into two parts: the main editor which works on entire document (as any normal editor of a wiki resource) and Inlinedit which provides per-node editing.
Unlike Swacked which can work out-of-the-box Inliedit requires some changes to the server-side application that will serve it with document and environment information.

As of now, Swacked + Inlinedit are in alpha stage – most features have been implemented but some are yet incomplete. You can view current progress at this page. Note that currently it only works in Firefox.

Swacked main features are:

  • buttons for quick insertion of all markup tokens (** for bold, (( for link, etc.);
  • automatic indentation for lists and indented paragraphs;
  • smart closing/reopening of a nearby token by a single button;
  • customizable hotkeys;
  • auxiliary text processing features: removing blank/matching/non-matching lines, Find & Replace both by string and regexp, converting character case, etc.;
  • saving drafts (with autosaving) with a special API allowing custom storage;
  • customization of edit area (font face, size, letter/line spacing, etc.).

When installed, Inlinedit adds the following features:

  • per-node editing – double-click on any part of the text and a window with only its contents will be opened allowing you to focus on that fragment alone;
  • previewing – also node-based;
  • file uploads – with automatic cleaning and custom server backend API;
  • file browser – lists existing clusters and files; shows preview for images; also has numerous options:
    • matching file name by wildcard, regexp,
    • matching file by type (page, image, etc.), change date and other fields;
    • sorting,
    • recursive browsing,
    • others.

If you have suggestions or other feedback we encourage you to create a topic on our forum (feel free to write in English even if most posts there are in Russian now).