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Class, Func, Prop, FieldAlias

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These actions were created for documenting PHP code/API (in particular, to document UverseWiki code itself). They all output a link to the page of a class, its function or its property (both can be static or instance).

Aliases are supported for more convenient input.


  • {{Class ClassName}} or {{Class Class1, Class2, ...}};
  • {{Func ClassName->Method()}} or {{Prop ClassName::$static}};
  • {{Func ::Method}} or {{Prop ->static}} – shortcuts for referring to fields of the class being described on the current page (this is determined by document title);
  • {{Func Class::Method_1, ::Method_2}} – enumerations are supported by all 3 actions; if a class name is omitted previous one is taken;
  • {{FieldAlias alias => real}} – creates name alias so {{Prop alias->prop}} is the same as {{Prop real->prop}}; «>» symbol can be omitted;
  • {{FieldAlias func alias => real}} + {{FieldAlias prop alias => real}} create two separate aliases for Func and Prop respectively.