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Inserts an image.

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xml<img src="swack.png" alt="Swack logo" />


  • file – either a local address or an URL; is passed as the first argument;
  • title – optional text to put under the image; is formatted with a chained markup. You can use formatter form of Image to pass large chunks of text – examples; is passed as the second argument, if any;
  • width, height – optional parameters specifying image dimensions in pixels; if only one is given the picture is proportionally resized;
  • size – a shortcut for defining width and height in form WxH:;
  • no link – by default Image creates the link to full-size picture; this argument prevents it from doing so – useful when you’re outputting a thumbnail:;
  • align – left, right, center or none (if omitteed);
  • clear – used to remove image stacking, has the same values as align above; if given file argument can be omitted – can be passed as the first argument in this case: {{Image clear}} is the same as {{Image clear=both}}.