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Wacko specification

As UverseWiki strives to be a universally-acceptable electronic text markup we cannot (and would not want to) expected that there’s only one parser implementation that we’ll take care after. Instead, we believe that as long as there’s a single specification alike to those approved by W3C every implementation in every language conforming to it can be trusted.

Currently we’re working on our first draft of the Wacko specification. It will cover the following topics (the list isn’t complete yet):

  1. Intro part including term definitions (what is a formatter, what is an action, what is ObjectWacko etc.);
  2. The Document Object Model (DOM) – explains document tree (in XML), its nodes, their meaning, features and properties;
  3. The Wacko syntax – detailed explanation of tokens used (such as **, (( or {{) with corresponding BNF records;
  4. Implementation-specific parts – names of mandatory configuration settings and their meaning, perhaps some API descriptions, serialization mechanics, etc.

If you are willing to help us (and we do need more people to discuss these and other matters productively) you’re most welcome to our forum (feel free to write in English even if most posts there are in Russian now).
In the meantime you can subscribe to updates using the RSS feed link in each forum thread’s footer.

After we’re done with the specification we’re planning on submitting it to IANA and registering the MIME type text/wacko for transitting documents in ObjectWacko format over the network.